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Alzheimer's Support Groups

Support Groups

Over 30 support group meetings per month, for caregivers and patients both. Supervised care in our Club Room for some meetings. View the current schedule on our calendar.

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Alzheimer's Support Groups

Individualized Assistance

We offer free consultation, referral, support and respite options and a caring hand to hold during this challenging time in your life.

 Call (239) 262-8388.

Alzheimer's Support Groups


We coordinate with local agencies to provide facility tours, therapeutic experiences, our annual festival, and opportunities for social engagement.

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Alzheimer's Support Groups

Educational Resources

Monthly educational meetings from experts

Monthly Lecture Series

Hundreds of recorded educational videos

Hundreds of articles and websites with relevant information

Alzheimer's Support Groups

Respite Care

Gentlemen’s Club and Ladies’ Club offer supervised social experiences for patients

Club Room supervision during some support group meetings 

Information on choosing and utilizing adult day care effectively

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One in three families is affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The progression of this fatal illness ranges from two to 20 years. Presently, there is no known treatment or cure. Due to the nature of the caregiving burden, Alzheimer’s disease seriously impacts the lives of everyone in the family.

 Often the only help available is through organizations like ours. In the 34 years that this organization has been in existence, countless families have sought and received our help. Currently, we serve over 5,600 families in Southwest Florida.